ASIC Design

  • Feasibility Study
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Engineering Runs
  • Industrialization
  • Management of full IC Fabrication Process
  • Wide Selection of Processes and Technologies
  • Series Production

Building verification plan and strategy

  • Building test benches using HDL, HVL, SW and scripting languages
  • Verification of ASICs/SoCs
  • Verification of ARM-based SoCs
  • Writing exhaustive test cases, BFMs, checkers, monitors and simulation models
  • Reusable verification IP development with thorough qualification
  • Verification using FPGA platforms (prototyping on FPGA)
  • Chip bring up
  • Board design and validation
  • Reference boards development
  • Low level test drivers
  • Test plan development
  • Test Automation plan
  • Sample drivers for interface bring-up
  • Sample Application software for test
  • Design hooks for debug
  • Physical synthesis and Floor planning
  • DRC and LVS to check integrity of the design
  • Clock skew management and signal integrity issues
  • Timing closure and post-layout simulation
  • Verifying sub-nano physical design issues
  • Tools Experience: Magma, Cadence, Synopsys


Development of synthesis scripts to target the design onto a specific ASIC technology.

Expertise in developing a complete test strategy for your ASIC design to deliver high fault coverage. This includes

  • Scan / ATPG
  • Testing of embedded IP
  • JTAG

STA / Timing Closure


  • RTL Verification of ARM7TDMI based Sub System
  • Functional and Debug Verfication
  • QT setup and Debugger connectivity setup
  • Design and development of ARM7TDMI DSM based System


  • System level RTL verification (ARM926)
  • QT setup and Debugger connectivity setup
  • BSP validation using Win CE 4.2 and WinCE 5.0 test kits.
  • BSP migration from WinCE 5.0 to WinCE 6.0
  • Test and support WinMObile, Symbian and Linux BSP

We also have vast experience in ARM based BSP Development & Application development. With a strong understanding of the tool chain and- system along with multiple IP stitching experience you just can not go wrong for an ARM based design with Global Technologies.