Product Description: For accurate extraction of the live GSM CELL TOWER IDs around an Scene of Crime for crime investigation purposes.

“SPECTRA PLUS” is a portable & handy integrated system, custom built for use by Law enforcement agencies, such as crime investigation police etc. It is designed and developed indigenously under “Make in India Program”. It is equipped with RF scanner modules to interface with quad band GSM & LTE networks. This device is designed to support GSM 2G, 3G & 4G LTE networks, all in one system unit.

Key Features:

  • No chances of missing Tower IDS; Captures multiple tower IDs for the same service provider at the SOC
  • Reduction in Man-Hours, Tower ID extraction is fast & Accurate data; no need to depend on Tower ID data base
  • No need for multiple visits to the SOC for Tower ID extraction for the same crime
  • All Tower IDs which are above certain signal threshold are captured

Lawful Interception Monitoring System [LIM]

Lawful Interception Monitoring is the legally sanctioned official access provision to private communications of the general public, such as telephone calls, SMS, MMS, GIS, e-mail messages etc., by any law enforcing agencies in the country. In general, LIM is a security process in which a network operator or a service provider gives law enforcement officials access to the communications of private individuals or organizations. Countries around the world are drafting and enacting laws to regulate lawful interception procedures.
Standardization groups are creating LI technology specifications.

LI-enabled products can precisely target individuals where agencies can access specific communications rather than examining all the traffic that passes through a particular router. This targeted efficiency means that it will be easier to monitor a greater number of individuals under suspicion, while the information of non-targeted individuals remain private.

We provide a highly featured LIM system for PSTN, ISDN-PRI, GSM and Radio Lines.

Benefits : Filtering / Searching of calls by

  • Target Number
  • IMEI/IMSI number
  • Target Name
  • Alias Number
  • Date, Time, duration of call Tag etc.,
  • Play-back of voice files
  • Tag / remark in-put for calls
  • Multiple Color marking
  • Read/Un-read marking
  • Call record (s) export / Backup to another media
  • Viewing of IRI data details
  • Extracting selective record to another media.
  • Query builder for Customized search

BITCS (Biometric Enabled Secured Inmate Telephone Calling System in Prison)

  • The prisoner is allowed to select any one number in the allowed list of numbers and press the dial command.
  • The Digital Call / Voice Logging system registers all the numbers dialed by the prisoner along with call duration.
  • Call restriction functions such as number of calls per day, maximum conversation time for each call and number of calls per month, maximum cumulative talk time per month, etc are controlled by the local application.
  • The out put of the surveillance camera is also recording in parallel in the local DVR.
  • A client application supports viewing of call reports and play back of voice and video files.


  • To extend calling facility to prisoners
  • To allow calls only to pre-registered numbers
  • To prevent un-authorized calls
  • To limit numbers and duration of calls as per government norms
  • To voice record all calls
  • To record and store call and voice data for future analysis both at prison level and at prison HQ
  • To carry the recorded data from each prison with full security to central server and store there for further analysis
  • To store and take back up of data for record purposes.