Embedded Design

Over the past decade, Global Technologies has established a reputation as the partner of choice for world-class hardware design and embedded software development – helping semiconductor companies and device manufacturers create innovative products and solutions and dramatically increase their speed-to-market while improving their cost efficiency. We serve OEMs and ODMs across different industries, including automotive, wireless, consumer electronics, manufacturing, medical handheld devices, telecom, video and multimedia, security and identification, and more.

Global Technologies provides services spanning the entire product development life cycle – from idea to market – covering both hardware design and firmware development. Our highly experienced team of over 500 software engineers boasts an average of 5.5 years of industry experience and a master or a Ph.D. level of education. Our engineers combine the domain knowledge with systems engineering and IT expertise, which along with the global delivery capabilities ensures that our customers can depend on Global Technologies to deliver consistent value and significant return on investment.

From the initial needs analysis to debugging to final system testing, verification and support – Global Technologies works closely with customers to accomplish the desired goals and exceed performance expectations. We work pro actively to understand our customers perspective and approach with constructive, yet gentle pushback if necessary to ensure superior project results.


Our Services

  • Concept-to-market solutions
  • System concept architecture
  • Turnkey systems design
  • Product prototyping
  • Hardware design and development
  • FPGA design
  • Software and firmware development
  • Testing & QA
  • Pre-certification and Certification Activities Support
  • Professional Services
  • Trainings

We, at the Embedded Design group in Global Technologies believe in designing differently. We believe in challenging the status quo by implementing robust, reliable, secure and flexible Embedded Designs. Our systems are simple to use, ruggedly designed and user friendly.
We specialize in application specific Hardware / Software designs using cutting edge technology. Our expertise lies in developing Single Board Computers using a wide range of single and multicore microprocessors, DSPs and microcontrollers some of which are:

SOCs from Xilinx(Zynq family) and Altera. ATMEL 8051 microcontrollers.
OMAP and Da-Vinci processors from TI. MSP430 Low Power controllers from TI.
I.MX series ARM Microprocessors from Freescale. P1022 Power PC Microprocessors from Freescale
Blackfin and TigerSHARC DSPs from Analog

Our designs have numerous notable features which allow our customers not only achieve their goals with ease but also explore new paradigms of embedded systems. Some of these features are:

Features Expertise
Board support packages (BSPs) Processors: PowerPC IBM405, MPC860, MPC8240,
MPC8260, ARM, Pentium
Operating systems Embedded Linux, VxWorks, WinCE, NetBSD and
proprietary kernels
Device drivers Communication: Ethernet, USB (host and client)
SCSI, HDLC, T1/E1, PCI target & host bridge, I2C,
IrDA, Switch fabric & Network Processors
Storage: Fibre Channel, RAID, IDE, SATA, Compact Flash, EEPROM, NAND & NOR Flash, SD card, MMC & HDQ
Display systems: LCD, LED & Graphics Controller (VGA)
I/O Devices: CD-ROM, DAC, GPIO, Joystick,
Keyboard (USB/PS2), Keypad, Mouse (USB/PS2), Touch Screen
Multimedia: MPEG2, JPEG
Others: DMA, Interrupt controller, Serial port, UART, Timer, GPS driver, Power Management, DSP link, ATM card
Protocol stacks Data Link Layer: ARP, PPP
Network Layer: ICMP, IP v4&v6, RIP2 & IPv6, RIPng for IP v6 & VRRP
Routing Layer: STP, BGP-4, EGP, OSPF & HSRP
Session Layer: DNS
Application Layer: BOOTP, DHCP,TFTP, POP3, SMTP, SNMP,
Network Management Agent: SNMP V1, V2, V3, AgentX, Proxy Agent
Fibre Channel: FC-PI, FC-FS, FC-SW, FC-AL, FCIP, iFCP
Diagnostics POST, Prototype debugging & production diagnostics
Language Assembly, Micro-code, C, C++, HTML & XML, Java